RFID Solution Business

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Originally, TENTAC was a specialized manufacturer of apparel hangtags, etc., but we started a new business at the dawn of RFID, taking advantage of our experience in in-house manufacturing at seven locations around the world. It has now become a manufacturer with the top market share in Japan. The implementation of RFID cannot be done alone. Please let us help you. Every business has the potential to change dramatically.

Products Handled


Our printing and processing technologies enable us to offer high design quality for brand tags, which are indispensable in the apparel industry.

RFID Sticker

Demand is high outside the apparel industry, and it can cover a wide range of objects to be installed. We can respond to requests for various applications by arranging a lineup of standard products.

RFID Care Label

RFID is built into the care label using our unique processing technology. Since it is sewn directly onto the product, it also helps to prevent dropping tags.

Metal-compatible RFID Tag

We have a product lineup that is suitable for reading metal products, which was once considered a weak field for RFID.

Linen RFID Tag

The reusable tag is resistant to laundering and pressure dehydration.

Hard RFID Tag

It is dust-proof, chemical-resistant, and resistant to high pressures, and can be used under harsh conditions such as in manufacturing.

Eco-Friendly Products

We handle eco-friendly products friendly to environment, starting from BEONTAG's ECO RFID series.


It is possible to introduce you to our partner companies in Japan and overseas regarding peripheral devices for use of RFID, such as handy readers and tunnel gates.


We have transactions with partner companies in Japan and overseas, and can introduce various solutions that are in line with the purpose.