Subscription Industry

〈 Industry Case Studies 〉

In the rapidly growing subscription industry, especially in the field of rental services, RFID is being used to manage the status of products. In addition, the use of RFID is also beginning to be considered in marketing by by accumulating quantitative information, such as the number of rental times.
In the rental service, product status management (inventory status, rental status, cleaning status, etc.) is important. In the traditional management method, the inability to grasp the status in a timely manner affects the turnover rate of products. The use of RFID is required to reduce sales (rental) opportunity losses.
[Status Management]
By reading the RFID at the distribution center when goods are received and shipped, the inventory, lending and cleaning status can be managed in a timely manner. Clarifying the location of the products leads to an understanding of the products that can be rented, which can be expected to improve the turnover rate of products and increase sales.

[Data Analysis]
In the rental service, we accumulate quantitative information such as the number of rentals and rental destinations (age, occupation, area of ​​residence), and analyze data such as rental trends, the rental service can aim to identify popular products and optimize the inventory levels.
RFID Tag Types in the Subscription Industry:
Linen Tags, Various Types of Labels (small/large, removable, moisture-resistant, metal-resistant, etc.), Tags (sealed type, label-attached type)