Sustainable Materials Business

TENTAC's Proprietary Technologies are at the forefront of the SDGs
TENTAC's strengths are its unique product development capabilities with major material manufacturers that possess sustainable technologies, as well as its high production capabilities at its own factories in Japan and Southeast Asia. We have been operating in the apparel industry with a high sensitivity to the SDGs for 50 years. We support the creation of sustainable brands with advanced and innovative products that are unique to our company.

Product Range

green nano

Next Generation Eco-Plastic Addictive Technology developed in Japan. Simply by mixing with ordinary plastic materials, reduces CO₂ emissions during incineration and disposal.In addition to apparel subsidiary materials, the development and introduction of paper is progressing in fields where paper conversion is difficult, such as cosmetics, textiles, food packaging materials, toys and agricultural materials.


Paper materials have an image of being more expensive than plastic, but the Kaminano Series developed in collaboration with a major paper manufacturer, has succeeded in bringing advantages in terms of price while using superior materials. Special materials with high strength are replacing plastic materials, with hooks, mini-hangers and collar supporters are now being sold by popular demand.


BEONTAG's product ECO RFID is a plastic-free product with special printing technology.

Circular Cotton Paper

Circular cotton paper is made by processing white cotton scraps generated in the apparel field to function as fiber raw materials like wood pulp, achieving a high content of over 50%. Ideal for introducing apparel tags and paper boxes as part of a circular initiative within the apparel industry.