Apparel Industry

〈 Industry Case Studies 〉

In the apparel industry, where RFID is most prevalent, the purpose is to manage individual products. Inventory taking and receiving/dispatching operations are carried out at stores and distribution warehouses. Although RFID tags (brand tags) are commonly attached, RFID labels are affixed to small items and miscellaneous goods.
Conventional individual item management using barcodes takes time to read barcodes one by one, and there is a burden of labor to remove products from boxes and vinyl, and reading errors and double reading occur. With regard to current operations, a huge amount of ancillary work and inventory accuracy have begun to be seen as problems. The use of RFID is expected to improve productivity by resolving labor shortages and improving sales by managing product sales and logistics losses.
The advantage of RFID is its ability to read multiple items at the same time, which makes it possible to shorten the work time by about 90% compared to the conventional barcode inventory. In addition, by improving inventory accuracy, ghost stocks and out-of-stock items will be improved, leading to the minimization of lost sales opportunities.

[Inventory Management]
In the conventional barcode operations, both in stores and logistics need to unpack the boxes and read the barcodes one by one. However, with RFID, handheld readers are used in stores and tunnel gates are used in logistics. Since it is possible to read all the data at once, it is possible to shorten the work time by nearly 90%, as with the above-mentioned inventory.
[Product Search]
RFID is also effective in product searches. If you enter the information of the relevant product into the handy reader and walk around, the radar displayed on the reader's monitor reacts strongly as you approach the product, guiding you to the location of the product.

RFID can also be used for accounting. Since the products are read all at once, it eliminates the waiting time at the checkout counter during busy times, especially during sales periods and outlet stores.
RFID Tag Types in the Apparel Industry:
Tags (sealed type, label sticking type), Various types of labels (small size, large size, removable, moisture resistant, metal compatible, etc.)