Sustainable And Unique Technology. Reduce Carbon Footprint.
ECO RFID is an environmentally friendly, earth-friendly product that eliminates plastic and is made using paper substrates and printed antenna technology.
The antenna itself is also eco-friendly!
The introduction of a high-performance printed antenna has reduced the use of solvents compared to conventional aluminum etching.
Reduced Carbon
Dioxide Emissions
Replace Plastic Substrate
with Paper Material
Clean & Green
Manufacturing Method 
※In Japan, it is necessary to remove the IC chip part.
High Performance
Printed Antenna

ECO RFID is a high-spec inlay
that meets industry standards.

Global RFID Tags for Global Applications

ECO RFID frequencies are compatible with EU (ETSI), US (FCC), and Asia (SRRC) frequency regulations, making them ideal for customers considering global expansion.

Resistant to Layered State

ECO RFID performance meets Auburn University RFID Research Center ARC test standards and features reliable standby. Also, it is resistant to lamination, making it an eco-inlay that is ideal for the entire supply chain.

Passes the standards for high temperature, high humidity and temperature cycles.

ECO RFID has almost the same quality as conventional products using plastic against external factors. It meets industry standards such as high temperature humidity test (IEC 60068-2-67) temperature cycle test (JESD22-A104-B) bend test.

Results of LCIA※

(50×30mm UCODE8 Retail Tag)  ※Life Cycle Impact Assessment

ECO RFIDタグ使用時の効果

Effects of using ECO RFID Tags

Paper base material reduces CO₂ emissions
Reduced Energy and Material Consumption in Antenna Manufacturing, No Chemical Etching required
Reduced Energy Consumption during IC Assembly
Same Energy Consumption during Label Processing
No Additional Paper Substrate required
Same Energy Consumption during use
Reduction of CO2 Emissions from Incineration after use
◆CO₂ Emissions (total) 


Beontag Ltd

Founded in 2012, Beontag is the fastest growing RFID inlay and label supplier in the Latin American market.We offer high quality products at attractive prices based on reduced manufacturing costs and competitive logistics incoterms.We also offer product customization as needed.



TENTAC will become Beontag's "distribution partner (authorized distributor) in the global RFID market". We have superiority as a distributor in terms of "product price", "delivery date" and "joint development".