TENTAC sustainable


[ Proprietary Sustainable Materials ]
  • ●There are countless sustainable materials in the world, but most of them are broadly categorized into either those that are expensive to introduce and are not suitable for secondary apparel materials, or those that are relatively ubiquitous and inexpensive and easy to introduce.
  • ●By conducting joint development with a major manufacturer that has material technology, TENTAC succeeded in "developing an optimal product as an apparel secondary material that is both cost-effective, advanced and sustainable as a material".
  • ●This makes it possible to promote an advanced and innovative brand image that is in tune with the times.

Some examples of TENTAC Original Materials


  • ●Products jointly developed with a major paper manufacturer
  • ●A special material that is cheap and strong even though it is paper
  • ●Hooks, small hangers, and collar supporters are now on sale as replacements for plastic materials.


green nano

  • ●Additive technology for next-generation eco-plastics developed by a Science professor at Tokyo University.
  • ●Reduces CO2 emissions during incineration by simply mixing with ordinary plastic materials.
  • ●Many products such as plastic packages, hooks and locks are in fields where it is difficult to convert to paper.

Reduce CO2


Circular Cotton Paper

  • ●White paper with some industrial waste such as egg shells already exists, but most of them contain only 10 to 20% of the mixture due to paper’s strength problem.
  • ●CCP processes white cotton offcuts generated in the apparel industry to function as fiber raw materials like wood pulp, achieving a high blending ratio of over 50%.
  • ●Ideal for introducing apparel hangtags, paper boxes, etc. as a recycling initiative within the apparel industry

ECO RTT_logo

Plastic-less RFID Tag

  • ●Conventionally, an aluminum antenna is generally sandwiched between plastic sheets.
  • ●By printing the antenna on paper with conductive ink, there is no need for plastic or solvent-intensive aluminum etching.


[ Ideas/ Experience ]
  • ●Tentac has one of the industry’s largest staffs of 20 designers specializing in secondary materials to meet the expectations of customers with high sustainable needs.
  • ●If you consult us from the planning stage, we will propose a one-of-a-kind product design suitable for you.

Examples of Proposals by TENTAC Designers

Compact Materials

  • ●Reducing the amount of plastic and paper used by devising a layout of materials.
  • ●It is also possible to efficiently display more products in the same store area.


Reduction of Materials

  • ●Proposing a hook-in header that does not use plastic materials.
  • ●Design registered for Excellent Hook-in Header Design.


Design that appeals to a Sustainable Image

  • ●We have extensive knowledge of natural special paper as well as designs that give a sustainable impression. It is possible to propose a wide range of images in terms of appearance and texture.


Reusable Packaging Design

  • ●Slider type, with degassing function, etc.
  • ●Reusing a part of the mouthpiece as a paper craft.


[ Cost Competitiveness of In-House Production ]
  • ●TENTAC can be manufactured in-house at 7 global locations, mainly in Asia.
  • ●By carrying out in-house production in a place close to the production area, we produce and deliver sustainable materials that tend to cost more at reasonable prices.
  • ●By carrying out in-house production, even if sustainable materials are used in small amounts, it is possible to provide them at the cost of bulk procurement.